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Your Quick Guide to Floor Scrubber Machine Features

There are a lot of floor scrubbers on the market today and each brand has unique offerings when it comes to features and accessories. Here’s a rundown of floor scrubber features to help you in the process of purchasing a floor scrubber for your business.

  • Fold-away Floor Scrubbing Units: These are floor scrubbers that have been created so that you can fold them up when you’re done using them and store them in cupboards or in cars. These are ideal for cleaning more than one property or where storage space is very tight.
  • Battery Powered Scrubbers: These scrubbers are convenient because you don’t have to deal with a tangle of power leads and you can use them in and near water without worrying about being electrocuted.
  • Cylindrical Brushes: These kinds of brushes are found on some scrubber machines and are used to clean right up to the edge of walls and skirting boards. These are typically found on smaller machines suited to clean tighter spaces. They can also be of a benefit for some Non-Slip floors.
  • Forward & Reverse Scrubbing Action: This feature allows for maximum cleaning with front and rear scrubbing brushes. This saves the user time and money by not having to run the machine in both directions. This will mainly apply on smaller type scrubbers for areas that are small and tight.
  • Multi-surface Scrubbers: These scrubbers can work on more than one type of flooring type, for example carpets, vinyl, ceramic tiles, natural stone as well as escalators and entrance mats.
  • Ride-on Floor Scrubber Dryers: These work well in larger areas. The operator sits in a comfortable seat while cleaning and steering the machine into areas and has the capacity to turn virtually on the spot. In the main, these have front wheel steering.

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