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Cleaning Equipment Repairs solutions, so everyone can enjoy the Just Clean It experience.

When you buy cleaning equipment, you need to have a reliable after sales service in case the machine needs repairs.  Alphaclean has a team of technicians that are well trained in all our equipments and are there to help you in case of a breakdown.    We provide repairs in all kinds of cleaning equipments that have been brought from us.  A well repaired equipment by qualified technicians will not breakdown again and will be profitable for you. When you buy cleaning equipment from us you are assured of a comprehensive after sales service that includes repair of your equipment in case of a breakdown.

At Alphaclean; we believe that a pressure cleaner or carpet extractor that has been bought from a vendor is only as good as its service technicians. With properly trained technicians in a variety of cleaning equipment, customers can always get quick and professional repairs for their equipment.  We repair all equipments bought from us from small to big equipment without any excuses like “we cannot repair that kind of machine”.  We provide a comprehensive program for repair of all equipment that we sell and act fast every time we get a call about broken down equipment somewhere. We stock every single part for all our equipments that we sell and also the ones that we do not sell. With a large network of vendors we are able to satisfy all our clients and non clients alike.

We have service provision available in most capital cities of Australia for various brands of cleaning machines including Hako, Truvox, Cleanfix, Nilfisk, Karcher, Kranzle, Columbus, Wizard, Suresweep, Adiatek, Caddy Clean, Polivac, Razorback, Steamvac, Windsor, Stolzenberg, Lincoln, Steam master, Spit Water, IPC, Clark Equipment, Tennant, Fimap, Powerblast, Tomcat, Pacvac, Multiwash, Rotowash, Rotomac, Cleano, Eurosteam, BAR, Cleantech, Comac, Surevac and more.

It is the passion and dedication that our staff has that has enabled as to satisfy every single client that we have. Our staff have a passion for what they do and they continue to enhance their skills through regular training that they undergo. Next time when you are thinking about getting your cleaning equipment repaired; then think about Alphaclean.