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Steam cleaner repairs solutions, so everyone can enjoy the Just Clean It experience

Alphaclean is the leading supplier of cleaning equipment in Australia. We supply a wide range of cleaning equipment including scrubbers, sweepers, steam cleaners, vapours etc. We have been in this industry for many years hence giving us much experience in regards to cleaning equipment. If you are looking for repair services for you steam cleaner, then this the right place to be. We do all kind of repairs to steam cleaners and other cleaning equipment reviews. We have well trained technicians who are able to handle all your needs of any kind. Out technicians are passionate about their job and at no time will they give excuses like “We are sorry but we can’t repair that equipment”. Instead they will work fast to ensure that your steam cleaner is back in form and is working alright.

Alphaclean also stocks a wide variety of spare parts for our steam cleaners. When your machine breaks down, we will be able to identify where the problem is and if necessary replace the broken down part with a genuine spare part that will give you years of service. Alphaclean also has service centres in key cities where you can always take your stem cleaner for repair. Our technicians will look into your machine and give you an estimated cost and will go ahead with repair works. You will also be informed of when to come and pick your machine when it is done.

We have service provision available in most capital cities of Australia for various brands of cleaning machines including Hako, Truvox, Cleanfix, Nilfisk, Karcher, Kranzle, Columbus, Wizard, Suresweep, Adiatek, Caddy Clean, Polivac, Razorback, Steamvac, Windsor, Stolzenberg, Lincoln, Steam master, Spit Water, IPC, Clark Equipment, Tennant, Fimap, Powerblast, Tomcat, Pacvac, Multiwash, Rotowash, Rotomac, Cleano, Eurosteam, BAR, Cleantech, Comac, Surevac and more.

Alphaclean many years of experience is what has made our name grow. We take our customers seriously and make sure that all their problems regarding their steam cleaners are resolved within the shortest time possible. Alphaclean also repairs other major brands of steam cleaners as we have the best technicians in the market who are trained in all major brands of cleaning equipment.