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Is it time that your steam cleaner needs servicing and you do not know who to service it for you? Alphaclean provides professional servicing for steam cleaners and other cleaning equipment. We are the leading provider of cleaning solution in Australia. We service a wide range of cleaning equipment including steam cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers, plus many more. We have the most well trained technicians who will be more than willing to service for your machines. Our factory trained technicians will inspect and recommend the best way to service your steam cleaner and what is required whether it is new parts or simply lubricating some parts.

We have service centres in key areas where you can easily bring in your stream cleaner for a thorough service. If you like, we can also come to your premise and service your equipment from there. We also provide a maintenance program that will enable us to track down how often your steam cleaner needs to be maintained. The lifecycle will ensure that you do not miss an essential service that will keep your steam cleaner as mint as possible.

We have service provision available in most capital cities of Australia for various brands of cleaning equipment including Hako, Truvox, Cleanfix, Nilfisk, Karcher, Kranzle, Columbus, Wizard, Suresweep, Adiatek, Caddy Clean, Polivac, Razorback, Steamvac, Windsor, Stolzenberg, Lincoln, Steam master, Spit Water, IPC, Clark Equipment, Tennant, Fimap, Powerblast, Tomcat, Pacvac, Multiwash, Rotowash, Rotomac, Cleano, Eurosteam, BAR, Cleantech, Comac, Surevac and more.

At Alphaclean we do realize that our customers are our assets and that’s why we take great exception to make sure that we do for you a proper job. We can also arrange for a preventive maintenance program where you do not have to wait for your machine to breakdown before calling for a technician but rather have a periodic maintenance and servicing of your equipment. Our technicians and support staff are highly motivated and passionate about their job that they will always be willing to give you the necessary support all the time. At Alphaclean we do not have excuses like “We cannot service the kind of equipment you have, we are sorry” instead we take your call seriously and act on it immediately.