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Six Areas to Consider Before Buying a Portable Carpet Extractor

Here are some areas that need to be considered when considering the investment in a portable carpet extractor.

Size & Weight for Transport

How portable should your carpet extractor be? How often will it be required to be transport up a flight of stairs and would it normally be only one person? If so, can it be easily manoeuvred up a flight of stairs by a sole operator? How much room is needed to store the portable extractor? How easy is it to be transported in a vehicle and are ramps required?

Vacuum Power

What vacuum power is available? Is there an option to use a single vac motor for delicate cleaning and dual vac power for heavy soiled carpets?

Solution Pressure

Is the solution pressure adjustable or fixed? There are times when some carpets & upholstery can only be cleaned at low pressure and there are times when more pressure is required so the moisture penetrates the fibres.

Waste Removal

How easy is it to dump the waste into a floor waste, toilet or drum? What height can the waste be dumped at or is an automatic dump system required?


If heat is mandate, can it be turned off for the cleaning of carpets where cold water is required? What type of heater is used? In line heaters are used for units that pump up to 500 psi which heats the water as it exits the machine whilst other portables use a heating element similar to a kettle used in the kitchen. It’s imperative to ascertain what your general carpet cleaning can consist of and is the heat feature required?

Accessibility & Cooling of Pumps

Due to Commercial vacuum motors & solution pump being confined within the unit, they can create some extra heat particularly if a heater is included, therefore is thee sufficient air flow and or is there a cooling fan to keep these components cool?

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