SureSweep – Latest TRS technology to deliver a consistently high quality suction sweeper.


SureSweep Sweepers

About SureSweep

SureSweep is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of high quality cleaning machines. They have machines tailor made for use in a wide range of workplaces, meaning that you will be able to find one which meets your needs. Alphaclean is proud to be one of the countries leading suppliers and distributors of SureSweep products.

SureSweep cleaning machines are manufactured with quality and ease of use in mind. They are built in Germany – undoubtedly one of the world leaders in high-quality manufacturing – and are both consistent and top of the range.

SureSweep boasts an innovative spare parts guarantee. They claim that if they are unable to supply parts for a broken down cleaning machine within two workdays (Monday to Friday), then they will provide a loan sweeper until they can get the necessary parts to you. This is a great bonus for small workplaces who would otherwise be left without one of their major cleaning tools, and is just one of the many things which make SureSweep products a safe choice.

Every SureSweep cleaning machine is designed with innovation and safety in mind. They are being continually improved, with the aim of ‘providing the ultimate suction sweeper’. SureSweep claims that their cleaning machines do the following things:

  • Pick up more dirt than other sweepers due to their uniquely designed brushes.
  • Won’t get blocked by large objects or large amounts of dirt due to their zero-blockage design.
  • Will easily collect bulky or problematic objects.
  • Efficiently clean uneven surfaces.

If you would like to find out more about our wide range of SureSweep cleaning machines then get in touch with us today!