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Choosing The Right Sweeper – Ride-On Vs Walk-Behind

Walk-behind models are manually propelled via an operator and are pushed or controlled from walking behind-much like an orthodox lawn mower. Ride-on versions are usually larger and are controlled by an operator who sits on-board the equipment.

Both sweeper types are efficient cleaning machines and reduce cleaning times ten-fold, but also reduce the actual amount of labour needed to keep facilities clean.

Although both ride-on and walk-behind sweepers are an investment, these cleaning machines will, over time, pay for themselves again and again due to the money and time saved just in labour costs. The process of deciding whether you require a ride-on or walk-behind floor sweeper begins with focusing on your own specific cleaning needs.

  • Arguably the most imperative deciding factor in choosing the correct sweeper model is identifying the size of the area that requires cleaning. Generally speaking, walk-behind models are ideal for areas up to 2000 m2 or smaller. For areas larger than this, a ride-on model can be referred since most have the ability to clean more than 4000 square metres per hour. Having said all that, ride on units are becoming more compact and preferred for smaller areas so it does really come down to the operator/owner preference based on the site specifics.
  • Taking into account the surface texture of the area is very important. Areas that have steep gradients or multiple ramps are typically not suitable for small-models of walk-behinds, because the constant changes in topography have a high probability of causing the operator to become injured or fatigued. Additionally, areas with high banks would most likely require a ride-on with suitable engineering that can manage steeper inclines.
  • The shape of the space should also be considered-areas with tight corners may require lighter models with good manoeuvrability with an advanced turning circle. Walk-behind models have a smaller sweeping paths than ride-on models which allows them to be more manoeuvrable.
  • Walk-behind sweepers can be significantly more user-friendly for the operator than the out-dated dust-pan and brush, and ride-on sweepers are even more comfortable, which makes them great for daily use and extended periods of time, which in turn increases the amount of cleaning that can be completed each day.
  • Walk-behind sweepers are virtually noiseless and do not emit any fumes which results in a more productive and healthier environment for you, your staff and your patrons.

There are many things that should be considered when deciding to purchase either a walk-behind or ride-on sweeper and albeit the relatively high costs can be a slightly intimidating-remember that this investment is nothing in comparison to the cost spent by your business to regularly hire external cleaning companies. In addition, due to the investment involved in these cleaning devices, it is important that you are sure of your necessary cleaning requirements.

If you are not sure, then it would be very beneficial to seek advice from an established professional who can guide you the right sweeper to suit your own specific cleaning needs.

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