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The Best Cleaning Hack Articles Online


We all want to be more organised. When we grow up and become adults, we often wonder why we’re still not acting like adults and getting our lives together like an adult should.

There’s a few simple things you can do to make it seem like you’ve got your life together when really you just know all of the best life hacks around. And what about when it comes to cleaning? Here are some of the best articles online and their take on the best cleaning hacks you need in your life right now.

50 cleaning hacks for your home that will make your life easier – Lifehack

Not only does this site have some great tip on cleaning the icky and sometimes difficult parts of your home, there’s even some great little tips to get through your day. Wet shoes? Use crumpled up newspaper inside to help dry them out quicker. Smelly fridge? Newspaper (once again) can be used to help absorb the odours from inside. Although there aren’t any instructions on this site for some of these great tips, a lot of them a fairly self explanatory.

10 best cleaning hacks for the Home – Momtastic

This site has some great tips to get you through the tricky jobs, and will save you a lot of time and effort. One of the best tips here is how to clean your microwave – apparently the easiest way to clean a filthy microwave is to steam clean it. Use equal parts of water and vinegar in a bowl and add in something wooden to try stop it from boiling over (such as a wooden spoon or wooden chopsticks). Set the microwave to cook for 5-10 minutes to allow the vinegar and water solution to steam clean the microwave. All there is left to do is to wipe it out once it is finished! Definitely a huge time saver with this tip. There are nine other great tips to check out here, so be sure to take a look.

11 DIY cleaning hacks that leave no excuse for a messy home – Huffington Post

If you have pets in your home, you’ll be no stranger to the ever increasing amount of fur and hair that is usually left lying around the home. While a vacuum cleaner can pick up the fur easily from the floor, what about fur and hair stuck in your couch? Put on a rubber glove, dip it in water, then rub your gloved hand over the fur and hair on your lounge or seats where there is a bit of hair to be picked up. The hair will stick to the glove and you can just wipe it up, pick it up and put it in the bin. Too easy!

36 House Cleaning Tricks for People who Hate Doing Chores – Distractify

This web page has some really great cleaning hacks to use each and every day. The instructions make it even easier to know how you too can have a clean home. One of our favourite tips here is how to clean your ceiling fans. We all know they get full of dust and they can be a pain to clean with a vacuum cleaner. It’s even worse when you use a duster because most of the time, the dust just lands right into your hair and face (Hello, allergies!). How can you get around this? Use an old pillow case and slowly pull it over one blade at a time, wiping the blade as you go. The dust will all fall off and be inside the pillow case, making it easier to remove the dust without sneezing your head off.

17 lazy girl cleaning hacks that will forever change you – Buzzfeed

This article has some great tips for avoiding dirt in the first place and make cleaning the existing dirt even easier. There are some great tips such as adding foil to your grill to make cleaning it even easier in the future (any drips and spills will just go straight on to the foil) and wearing fuzzy socks around your apartment to pick up any dust without having to sweep or mop up. Although some of the tips are for the truly lazy folk who really don’t like cleaning at all, some of the ideas here are great for eliminating the need to clean up dirt in the future as it’s already taken care of!

8 clever DIY spring-cleaning hacks that will save you time – and money – The Week

Cleaning your home and making everything tidy and neat needn’t cost you the earth. You do not have to spend a lot of money on special solutions and chemicals just to get things done in your home. If you have a garbage disposal system in your kitchen sink, you may notice that sometimes you’re left with a funky smell coming from it after it has been used for a while. Old bits of food, fishbones and anything else you’ve put in there can really work up a smell. All you need to do is add some sliced lemon to an ice cube tray, fill it with white vinegar then freeze. When you want to freshen up your garbage disposal system, add in a couple of the vinegar and lemon cubes to your disposal and let it grind and crush your cubes to make it smell fresh and pleasant once again.

Cleaning hacks for 12 things you thought would stay dirty forever – Hellawella

There are some items and objects around the home that you may have given up on and thought that’s just the way they worked. Wrong. Not everything in life will remain dirty no matter what you do to it and, to prove it, this article will give you some great tips on some of those things you thought would never look clean ever again. One thing you might always think will remain dirty are the baseboards around the bottoms of the walls in your home. Lined along the floors, it’s easy for them to get covered in dirt and dust. However, if you run some dryer sheets along them, not only will you clean them easily, you’ll also leave a protective film so that they will almost repel dust from sitting and staying on them. Genius!

37 deep cleaning tips every obsessive clean freak should know – Buzzfeed

For those of us who still iron their clothes, there’s actually a really great tip in this article to get your iron plate looking all smooth and shiny once again. All you need to do is turn the iron on to a warm setting, place some paper onto your ironing board, then cover it in sea salt. Run the iron over the top of the salt and before you know it, your iron will be looking like brand new all over again. There’s plenty more tips on this article for reducing the amount of future cleaning you’ll have to endure, too.

15 brilliant life hacks to speed up your spring cleaning – Mental_Floss

Stains are the worst thing to encounter during your cleaning ritual. It can make you feel like your favourite item is tarnished and it will never be the same ever again. Luckily, there’s a great trick to get rid of water rings on your favourite wooden table, so if someone has forgotten to use a coaster while drinking from their mug at your coffee table, don’t stress. Use a hairdryer on hot mode and heat the white ring that has been left behind on the wooden table. The ring will start to disappear. When it is gone, wipe over your wooden table with some olive oil, to recondition the wood again. There’s this tip, plus a heap more in this great article by mental_floss.

These 20 hacks will forever change how you clean your house. They’re genius! – Viral Nova

Yet another great article with some excellent tips to make your life easier can be found here. One of our favourites from their great list is how to sanitise a simple cleaning sponge. A lot of the time, you feel like you just want to throw away a perfectly good sponge because it’s been used in an icky place that you don’t want to use it anywhere else any more. But, you can save some money and re-use the sponge by sanitising it. Simply place your wet sponge into the microwave and blast it on high for about 2 minutes. This will kill 99% of germs and bacteria, just be sure to let it cool down before grabbing it out of the microwave.

8 super-easy natural and eco-friendly DIY home cleaning hacks – One Green Planet

If you’re looking for a way to clean your home without all of the nasty chemicals and additives that are found in store-bought products, then give this article a look. There are some great tips and tricks to use safe and eco friendly ingredients to clean your house. One such tip is their way to clean your stainless steel appliances. With so many appliances being made these days that are stainless steel, it can be hard to keep all of those little fingerprints and watermarks off of them and to keep them looking good. However, if you use water and vinegar not only will you have clean appliances, they’ll smell refreshed too.

33 meticulous cleaning tricks for the OCD person inside you – Buzzfeed

If you want to save time and also find some helpful ways to get through your cleaning schedule, this article has quite a few nice and easy ways to get organised. One of the great parts of this article is giving the information you need to learn how to clean your washing machine, once and for all. What good is a washing machine if if it is full of dirt? The best part about this tip is that it requires little to no scrubbing, depending on how dirty your washing machine is. Just use the cycle on your washing machine and select it to soak. Add 2 cups of vinegar to the water and let it run the cycle completely. If there’s still a bit of grime build up, just use a sponge with some white vinegar to wipe it down.

7 little known food hacks starring salt – Food-Hacks

Salt is most likely one of the things that will be in your cupboard at home. It’s super useful, but you’re probably underusing it right now. There’s plenty to do with salt, including making your meals just that little bit better, but salt can also be used to improve the state of your home. One of the great tips on this web page is killing fleas with salt. If you have pets inside your home and they have a bit of an issue with fleas during the warmer months, you can use salt the clean up and kill the fleas in your carpets. All you need to do is cover your carpets in salt and leave it there for 24-48 hours. Vacuum the salt and see all of the dead fleas in the salt you’ve picked up.

10 genius cleaning hacks – Real Simple

This article has some great personal tips from many users from a range of websites. People have reviewed and shared their own personal tips to getting things clean in the home. One such tip is the use of shaving foam – shaving foam is essentially lathered soap, so it can work to get rid of stains in upholstery. Test a small spot first, and if it looks like it will work for your material, use normal, white shaving foam to cover stain and work at it with a sponge or cloth to remove the stain. If need be, repeat again if the stain is tough.

28 cleaning hacks everyone should know – Life Mix

Some hacks are so easy, you’ll feel silly for not even thinking of them. This article has a lot of these types of tips and tricks that you’ll facepalm yourself over to think that you never thought of it yourself. For example, if you’re cleaning your bathroom grout but don’t want to scrub all day, you can actually use a handheld drill with a brush attachment. Not only will you save yourself some elbow grease, you’ll be able to get a really great result thanks to how fast the drill will be able to do all the scrubbing for you. What else should you use when cleaning the grout? Ordinary dishwashing liquid will work just fine.

15 cleaning hacks everyone should know – Mrs January

There are a lot of things to think about when spring cleaning your home. Even when you think you’ve cleaned everything, you probably haven’t. When was the last time you cleaned your kids Lego blocks? Or even your own hair brush? Or perhaps the air vent in your bathroom? There’s a lot of little items and sections of the home that can easily be forgotten about. This article goes over a number of them and gives you the easy ways to cleaning them.

29 hacks for the frugal clean freak – Buzzfeed

Once again, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on making sure your home is clean. There are plenty of items that you may even have already lying around that will help you to make the most of your cleaning schedule. This article will help you save time and money when cleaning your home. We especially love the tip to use apple peels to remove stains from aluminum pots and pans. There’s even a great how-to guide to make a new bar of soap from your old slithers that remain from other bars of soap. It can be easy and fun to save money all while making your home more efficient.

15 awesome cleaning hacks – Clean My Space

There are some excellent tips on this page that will actually get you excited about cleaning again. As a mum, you may find some of the most peculiar stains and things you need to clean up during your day that you wouldn’t normally have to deal with if you have no children. Grease on walls could be one of them. You might not even know how it got there, but it’s definitely there. One of the easiest ways to get rid of greasy stains on walls is humble chalk. Use chalk to cover up the stain by drawing all over it so that the stain is covered. Wait a few minutes, then using a damp cloth, wipe over the chalk/stain and the stain will be gone. This activity also doubles as a fun activity for yourself to draw on the walls.

Clean your house with these hacker cleaning tips – Cleanworks

This interactive page takes you through each main room in the house and give you some great cleaning hacks to use. For example, one of the great bedroom cleaning hacks is to use an old sock as a glove and then soak it in some vinegar to wipe down blinds. The sock will slip easily between the blinds to clean them on each side, and the vinegar will help to prevent further dust from collecting too quickly on the blinds.

15 awesome vinegar cleaning hacks everyone should know – Twinkle Clean

Just like salt and bicarbonate of soda, vinegar is a true must-have item in the home for cleaning. It can be used on many different surfaces and be used to clean many different items and appliances. This article has some great and surprising tricks to use vinegar that you may not have known about. Vinegar can actually be used to restore your silverware and clean limescale from shower heads and inside kettles. It can even be used to get rid of those pesky stickers on new items that don’t peel off easily. There are some items you buy that have stickers on them that leave sticky residue and bits of sticker stuck behind. Soaking these in water and vinegar will ensure your new items are sticker and residue free.

9 brilliant cleaning hacks everyone should know – Bobvila

There are some great ideas on this blog to help you keep your house clean. But sometimes, it’s not dirt that you need to clean up. Accidents happen, and sometimes you need to think quick in order to make sure no-one gets hurt and your precious household items don’t get ruined. This web page has a great tip for cleaning up broken glass. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a dustpan, but sometimes, tiny little shards are left behind. Use a slice of bread pressed down on the area where the glass is to pick up small pieces that you might not be able to see very well.

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