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Why You Should Use a Floor Scrubber in Your Business

Maintaining a clean floor that is free from dirt and debris can be extremely time consuming for business owners, especially business owners whose businesses see a lot of foot traffic, such as workshops, coffee shops, restaurants, airports & grocery stores.

Using a traditional mop and bucket to keep high-traffic floors clean is a common option used by many business owners. If you are still using a mop and bucket, it may be time to switch to a floor scrubber. Their ease of use, effectiveness, simplicity, safety and cost are just some of the reasons to dump the old mop and bucket.

If you have wet floors, that means that part of your store or establishment is impassable for your customers. This means they can’t reach certain products or goods, and may choose not to make a purchase rather than wait for the area to be accessible. Each time a customer passes by an area because it’s wet from mopping, means another sale is lost. In addition, for business owners with employees working in large industrial buildings or workshops, having a wet or damp floor means that your employees can’t get their work done because of the potential danger of slipping and falling, resulting in more money down the drain for you.

Using a mop to clean floors is also ineffective. Rather than absorbing or whisking away dirt and debris, mops just push dirt around. When the mop water on the ground dries, you are left with the same dirt and debris as before only pushed onto different areas on the floor.

The best cleaning solution for a business owner to invest in is a quality industrial grade floor scrubber. Essentially, these kinds of floor scrubbers work in this way: You use the scrubber to spray the floor with a cleaning solution. Then you use the scrubber to thoroughly scrub the floor to get rid of dirt, liquids, and other debris. Lastly, a combination of a squeegee and vacuum suck up the remaining water and dirt leaving the floor dry and clean free from dirt and residue.

If you have ever used a floor scrubber, you know that they are extremely easy to use. It is simple to run one, and it doesn’t require any great deal of skill or any training to become comfortable using a floor scrubber. They are also ergonomically designed so that neither you nor your employees will suffer any physical pains from using one. Even people who suffer from back problems can use floor scrubbers without experiencing any back pain. Simply put, using a floor scrubber is one of the easiest things you can do when it comes to cleaning. You add your water and cleaning product, push the scrubber across the area you want to clean, and empty the waste water when you’re done.

There are various options when it comes to picking out the right floor scrubber for your business or application. Firstly establish the area, floor type, frequency of cleaning required and is power available or are batteries required.

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